projects  New! (with Cesar Zucco) "Open government" Brazilian legislative politics data and analysis website (in Portuguese). Includes roll call data, electoral results and campaign finance information.

  published work

    Using Graphs Instead of Tables in Political Science (with John P. Kastellec) Perspetives on Politics. 2007. (Check out !)

    Institutional Context, Cognitive Resources and Party Attachments Across Democracies (with John D. Huber and Georgia Kernell) Political Analysis. 2005  

    Political Survival Strategies: Political Career Decisions in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies (with Carlos Pereira and Lucio Renno) Journal of Latin American Studies. 2004.  

    Estrategias para Sobreviver Politicamente: Escolhas de Carreiras na Camara de Deputados do Brasil (with Carlos Pereira and Lucio Renno) Opiniao Publica 9(1). Campinas, Brazil. 2003.  

    Ideologia, Democracia e Comportamento Parlamentar: A Camara dos Deputados (1991-1998) Dados: Revista de Ciencias Sociais 45(3). Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2002.

  working papers

    Analyzing Multiple Surveys: Results from Monte Carlo Experiments (under review)

    Judicial Preferences and Judicial Independence in New Democracies: The Case of the Brazilian Supreme Court (with Antonio P. Ramos)